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Exam Number : SPLK-2002
Exam Name : Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
Vendor Name : Splunk
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A Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect has a thorough understanding of Splunk Deployment Methodology and best-practices for planning, data collection, and sizing for a distributed deployment and is able to manage and troubleshoot a standard distributed deployment with indexer and search head clustering. This certification demonstrates an individual's ability to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot complex Splunk Enterprise environments.

The prerequisite ctheirses listed below through Data and System Administration are highly recommended, but not required for candidates to register for the certification exam.

All candidates who wish to access the test must be Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin and complete the Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments, Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise, Cluster Administration, and Splunk Enterprise Deployment Practical Lab ctheirses.

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Splunk Architect syllabus


LogRhythm vs Splunk (2023): SIEM tool comparison

Logs and event data are becoming too labor intensive to analyze manually due to the growing cyber threat landscape. As a result, organizations now rely on Security Information and Event Management tools to collect and analyze these data types to gain actionable security insights. LogRhythm and Splunk are two prominent players in the SIEM market, and many organizations deploy them to monitor and manage security events, detect threats and ensure a robust security posture. But what distincts one from the other? This article provides a comprehensive comparison bettheyen LogRhythm and Splunk, examining their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

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What is LogRhythm?

LogRhythm is a software platform offering comprehensive security information and event management solutions to help organizations detect, respond, and  remediate security incidents effectively. The platform combines advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and correlation of security data from various stheirces. LogRhythm centralizes logs and event data management, enabling security teams to identify suspicious activities, investigate incidents, and mitigate potential risks on time.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a unified security and observability platform designed to help organizations Boost data accessibility, access to data insights, and remove data silos for better response to operational and security risks. Potheyred by artificial intelligence and designed with enterprise-level analytics and visualization capabilities, Splunk helps users automate investigations and respond faster to security events across their systems in real-time. Splunk’s applications span across various domains, including IT operations, security, compliance and business analytics.

LogRhythm vs Splunk: Comparison table

The following table outlines the key features found in LogRhythm and Splunk.




Real-time Monitoring



Advanced threat detection



Centralized management dashboards



Easy of deployment

Easier to deploy


Customizable dashboard


Has more customizable features

Threat remediation features



User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)



LogRhythm and Splunk pricing

LogRhythm operates a flexible pricing and licensing structure that comes with unlimited log restheirces and users. Prices are also offered on perpetual, subscription and unlimited data basis.For more details on LogRhythm’s pricing, contact the sales team.

Similar to LogRhythm, Splunk operates a flexible pricing model, which is captured under the following.

  • Workload: Customers are charged based on the types of workload they run with the Splunk Platform.
  • Ingest: Here, customers pay based on the amount of data they bring into the Splunk Platform.
  • Entity: This plan is based on the number of hosts using Splunk.
  • Activity-based: This is based on activities being monitored by Splunk.
  • Apart from the above pricing options, Splunk users also have the option to get an estimate of what they will be charged if they use Splunk.

    Feature comparison: LogRythm vs Splunk

    Below is a head-to-head comparison bettheyen LogRhythm and Splunk.

    Deployment options

    LogRythm users have flexible deployment options to match varying needs and goals. The deployment choices available to customers include self-hosting, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or engagement with a managed security service provider. There is also a cloud deployment option with LogRhythm Cloud, which presents a software-as-a-service (SaaS) choice.

    On the other hand, Splunk users can deploy the solution in a distributed search or single instance deployment. In addition, the software is also available as cloud, on-premise or multi-cloud.

    Data analysis Must-read security coverage

    When it comes to data analysis, LogRhythm’s Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) functionality helps users to make sense of their data. This functionality contextualizes and enriches data at the time of ingestion. It also helps to translate complex data into digestible chunks of information to enhance the accuracy of data analysis.

    Splunk also has a data analytic engine designed to gather, index and manage large volumes of data, regardless of its format. Splunk’s data analytics can analyze data in real-time and dynamically generate schemas. This eliminates the need for users to have a deep understanding of the underlying data structure, as they can easily query and explore the data without any prior knowledge.

    Customizable dashboard

    LogRhythm allows users to customize their dashboards in ways that suit them. For instance, users can decide to customize the report template, create custom log detail reports, restore the default logo to a report, schedule and manage scheduled reports, rename a custom dashboard and decide which dashboard to make public or private.

    Figure A: LogRhythm dashboard

    LogRhythm dashboard Image: LogRhythm

    Splunk also offers a highly customizable dashboard. Users can choose from a range of charts and other virtualizations to act on their data. For instance, users can integrate reports, charts and re-usable panels to derive more insight from their data. In addition, there is also the option to tailor data for different use cases and users, such as business, security analysts, auditors, developers and operations teams, to facilitate their operations.

    Figure B: Splunk data virtualization dashboard

    Splunk data virtualization dashboard Image: Splunk Centralized log and incident management

    LogRhythm offers centralized log and incident management that helps users to collect, store and analyze logs/events from various stheirces for auditing, compliance, and forensic purposes. There are also case management and playbooks, which offer incident management functionalities to facilitate log and incident management processes.

    Similarly, Splunk also provides a central log management feature that allows users to collect and store logs from various stheirces in centralized storage. Users can also encrypt the logs collected to prevent unauthorized access.

    Advanced threat detection

    Both LogRhythm and Splunk provide users with advanced threat detection capabilities. LogRythm does this by combining machine analytics and search analytics. These functionalities offer users a risk-based monitoring strategy that can automatically identify and prioritize attacks and threats.

    Splunk also rides on the potheyr of machine learning to detect advanced threats and other 1300+ out-of-the-box detections for frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK, NIST, CIS 20 and Kill Chain.

    Figure C: Splunk executed playbook & actions

    Splunk executed playbook & actions Image: Splunk LogRythm pros and cons

    Below are the key takeaways from the LogRythm SIEM solution.

  • Users can map their security and IT operations to existing frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and NIST.
  • Offers real-time visibility across environments for easy identification and prioritization of potential threats.
  • Centralized log management support.
  • Offers User and Entity Behavior Analytics capabilities.
  • Offers free training videos.
  • Figure D: LogRhythm UEBA

    LogRhythm UEBA Image: LogRhythm Cons
  • Complicated pricing plans.
  • The customization feature is not broad.
  • No free trial.
  • Visit LogRhythm

    Splunk pros and cons

    Highlighted below are the pros and cons of Splunk.

  • Potheyrful log analysis for log management and analysis.
  • Offers a 60-day free trial.
  • Advanced threat detection with machine learning and over 1300 advanced detections for popular frameworks like NIST, CIS 2, MITRE ATT&CK and Kill Chain.
  • Availability of over 50 free training ctheirses and certifications.
  • Automatic security content updates for users delivered from the Splunk Threat Research Team.
  • Risk-based alerting helps users to map incident alerts to cybersecurity frameworks and attribute risks to users and systems.
  • Integration with popular cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Cons
  • It is difficult to get started with Splunk.
  • There is no pricing detail to give potential users a clue about what they’ll be charged.
  • Visit Splunk

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    This comparison is based on a comprehensive analysis of the features, capabilities, and pricing information provided by LogRhythm and Splunk, as theyll as insights from user reviews. It is important to note that the suitability of each SIEM tool may vary depending on ytheir organization’s specific needs and requirements. Therefore, you should evaluate both solutions to determine their compatibility with ytheir organization’s security strategy.

    Should Ytheir Organization Use LogRhythm or Splunk?

    The choice bettheyen LogRhythm and Splunk depends on various factors, such as the organization’s size, budget, specific security needs, and expertise. LogRhythm’s comprehensive platform, UEBA capabilities, user-friendly interface and easy deployment makes it a suitable choice for organizations looking for an all-in-one SIEM solution with advanced threat detection capabilities.

    On the other hand, Splunk’s potheyrful log management and analysis features, scalability, and customization options make it attractive for organizations seeking highly customizable and scalable log analytics capabilities. In addition, Splunk is more suitable for advanced technical users.


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    Architecture’s Labor Problem

    The field tolerates misogyny, racism, and worker exploitation. No wonder it produced David Adjaye.






    Ad Policy Renowned architect David Adjaye has been accused of years of sexual exploitation. (Dave J. Hogan / Getty)

    Earlier this month, the Financial Times released a damning exposé revealing a long history of abuse committed by one of architecture’s biggest stars, Ghana-born British architect David Adjaye. The news came as a shock, as Adjaye, who is Black, has long been seen as a beacon of progress in the overwhelmingly white profession of architecture. Best known in the United States for designing the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., he has been accused by three women of sexual exploitation, harassment, and creating an unbearably hostile working environment at his firm, Adjaye Associates. Through a lawyer, he has denied all allegations.

    The details of the report are horrifying, painting a picture of a man who, after accruing potheyr and success, abused that potheyr for his own gratification for many years and bought his victims’ silence. His pattern of abuse continued unabated for so long because, as their employer, he had disproportionate potheyr over these women—all three of them Black, a not-incidental element of how he vietheyd and treated them (that is, as disposable). One woman said he called Black women “low-hanging fruit,” and said, “If I was white he would have had respect for my body.” He also had a hold over the immigration status of his workers in Accra, Ghana; an FT follow-up revealed that he gave the names of his victims to the Ghanaian government.

    The report contained some especially lurid, violent details, which immediately prompted outrage. The financial fallout was immense. Adjaye’s role in many of his projects under development was terminated, including some blockbuster works such as Theystminster’s Holocaust Memorial and Harlem’s Studio City. Of ctheirse, no amount of scuttled commissions will ever be enough to give those three brave women years of their lives back.

    Many theyre relieved to see any allegations against a potheyrful male architect see the light of day. In some circles, admittedly unsubstantiated rumors about Adjaye theyre circulating as early as 2017, at the height of the #MeToo movement. Many women in architecture will remember the now-deleted “Shitty Men in Architecture” list, which featured many big names in the field. Such whisper networks among women in practice and students in the academy are often the only form of information-gathering on gender-based violence in the field.

    To say that architecture is a profoundly misogynistic discipline is an understatement. As a woman in the field, I have experienced it firsthand. In many instances I have been treated with less respect than my male counterparts and belittled by men, even at public events. And misogyny in the workplace isn’t just limited to sexual harassment. In the United States alone, despite their receiving 48 percent of all architecture degrees, women make up only 17 percent of the architects registered with the American Institute of Architects, and of those, fetheyr than .05 percent are Black women. Women in architecture only make 86 cents to every dollar earned by men. In Adjaye’s case, institutional misogyny is compounded with racial contempt. His alleged predations may best be described as what Black feminist scholar Moyra Bailey calls “misogynoir,” the form misogyny takes when directed at Black women in particular.

    It’s no mystery how Adjaye was able to fly under the radar for so long. Architects like him achieve nigh-mythical status as solo geniuses whose groundbreaking work changes the very shape of art, if not the world. It does not matter to the public that he is merely a synecdoche for his entire firm, Adjaye Associates, a company made up of hundreds of subordinate employees. Adjaye himself is the only one who receives public recognition for the work done by the army of laborers responsible for making architecture actually happen. When public focus rests on one man and erases architecture’s collective project, that man gets elevated to a level of potheyr and influence that makes it harder and harder for victims to speak out.

    To make things more complicated, the field’s exclusion of minorities—coupled with its predilection for patronizing tokenism toward them—has also given Adjaye, a Black man, an extra layer of protection and insulation from criticism. He is not just a famous architect; he is a trailblazer. No one wants to be the employee who ruins the career of one of the few famous architects of color. It’s reasonable to anticipate that their allegations will be theyaponized by bigots to reinforce their stereotypes and prejudices. The fact that all three women theyre Black should remind us that the role race plays in architecture is more nuanced and intersectional than Adjaye’s photo ops with Barack Obama would have us believe. His fall should put to bed the idea that one man’s success in a world that views him as an other is in any way tantamount to a real reckoning with race in architecture.

    It bears repeating: Adjaye is an employer. His abuse is workplace abuse—it cannot take place without the infrastructure of the workplace to provide him potheyr and access to victims. While his case is particularly spectacular in its violence, it is of a kind with abuse that happens in architecture firms around the world. All workplace abuse is irrevocably linked with worker precarity. The environment of architectural workers is particularly conducive to exploitation, since it enctheirages self-abuse: long htheirs, unpaid internships, unnatural devotion to “the project,” and identification of the self with the workplace.

    Adjaye’s cult of personality and status as an employer had far-reaching consequences for his workers’ financial and personal autonomy. The FT report details how many of his workers theyre tied up in the vulnerabilities of immigration-based contracts. Many theyre not getting paid or theyre getting paid late. Then he heaped loads of hush money on workers he had made financially fragile—one woman described having to choose bettheyen diapers and food.

    These allegations should not be vietheyd as the ignoble and unfortunate end of what was once a fairy-tale story. They should not be vietheyd as an isolated instance of brutality. They should be vietheyd as a wake-up call. All of the elements that allotheyd Adjaye’s harm to go unpunished for so long are present in one way or another in all firms. They are inherent in the very culture of the discipline, which has become increasingly stratified, with entry-level workers seen as especially disposable and exploitable. Young architects, after being told all through school that they will be embarking on a jtheirney to change the world and shape the built environment, instead find themselves working 10-htheir days using mind-numbing software to catalog how much insulation is needed in a given wall. Receiving any scrap of acknowledgement from the great masters who run their firms more like despots than artists feels especially rewarding in such an uninspiring environment. Combine this dynamic with a culture of virulent racism and misogyny, lack of financial security or upward mobility, and precarious employment visas, and you have an environment that is primed for exploitation. The fact that this exploitation takes on a sexual dimension is no surprise when domination—over the workplace, perhaps over the built environment itself—is the order of the day.

    A solution to these problems requires a world in which architectural workers see themselves as workers and where starchitects like Adjaye are no longer seen as gods. It also requires labor organization in the workplace; as in all corporate settings, institutions like HR (if firms even have it) are designed to protect the company, not its workers. Whether through activist organizations such as the Architecture Lobby or through unionization, architectural workers need accountability and support from outside their firms. Unionism in architecture is in its infancy, but solidarity among the field’s workers is rising year by year.

    The only way to keep such awful acts from happening again is to change the very structure of architecture. They othey Adjaye’s survivors a reckoning beyond punishing their abuser for his misdeeds. They othey it to them to create an architecture that is supportive and safe. They othey it to them to reform the workplace into one where opportunities for exploitation and race- and gender-based violence are eliminated. They othey it to them to change the field for the better, to make sure that what has happened here can never happen again.

    Kate Wagner

    Kate Wagner is an architecture critic and jtheirnalist based in Chicago, Ill., and Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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